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This pretty lady is Winnie. She’s a 1 1/2 year old 60 lb heeler/shepherd mix in need of a forever home full of love.   She loves being outside to run and bounce and watch for animals to chase (kitties wandering into the yard are in that category, so a home without cats is probably best). When inside, Winnie Girl loves to be where her person is and can sometimes be right underfoot. When she “talks,” it sometimes sounds like she’s saying words. She enjoys chewing on deer antlers and toys and she absolutely loves performing her commands for treats. Winnie’s a smart gal and is eager to please. She knows the basics:  sit, down, (short) stay, place, break, watch, crate, no.  She loves affection and food, conversation and car rides (occasionally resting her head on her mom’s shoulder). Walks are easier with a harness.  She sleeps wonderfully in her kennel and goes right in at night.

Winnie is a happy girl, full of life and love, but can be a little skittish with new situations or unfamiliar folks coming into her yard. She has a big bark but then hides if she’s feeling nervous.

Winnie has gotten along well with most dogs, but she and another (extended family) female dog have had a rough time together, which is why she’s in need of a new home.  She’s energetic, and because of her size and age would probably be best with older kids.  

Her adoption fee is $150.  This includes vaccinations, microchip, spay, heartworm negative test with monthly preventative.  She received an A+ at her check-up this month. Please email adoptions.spspca@gmail.com to set a meeting with Winnie.

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Heeler/Shepherd Mix
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Very High
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Spayed / Nuetured

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