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Hi there!  I'm Smokey and I'm looking for the perfect place to call my home! I am and INCREDIBLY smart boy and very VERY food motivated! I'm sure I would do great with some extra training (because I can be a bit stubborn at times.) 

I am fine with my kennel, though I don't just absolutely love it. I go in there willingly to eat and for extra treats (like frozen lick mats and frozen Toppls) when I'm extra high energy and my foster mom isn't able to take me out to run or play. If you are leaving the house, you'll have to guide me into the kennel as I'll go to the front door and try to leave with you! 

I have recently become aware of my size and have been sitting on my foster friends when we play! (Always trying to get my way!) I love to play fetch and will bring toys back to you constantly. I also love tug but prefer to tug with other dogs.

I like other dogs but need a proper introduction, somewhere neutral and not overstimulating. I would do better with dogs around my size as I tend to play a bit rough. (Still learning that when I get too rough I need a few min in the kennel to calm down a bit before playing again. This is not my favorite.. lol) 

I do have food aggression, so feeding me in my kennel is a MUST. I take bones and treats just fine, but food specifically puts me on edge if I think another dog my take it. I also eat out of a feeder egg that causes me to take longer when eating (and it is recommended from the foster that you continue this for me.) I am very high energy and need lots of stimulation during the day for my brain. Walks and play time are fantastic, but I'll truly never be walked enough. Having something cause me to use my brain a bit during the day helps tire me out more, and I usually nap shortly after eating.

I can be a bit loud in my kennel when you get home, and a bit loud when I am done eating my food or licking my licky mat, but usually will quiet down after 15-20 min.

Smokey’s adoption fee is $175 which includes his vaccinations, microchip and neuter.  

Please email adoptions.spspca@gmail.com if you would like to meet Smokey or come see him at adoptions on Saturday from 11-2 at the South Plains SPCA building!

Smokey (the Bandit)
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