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Chaos is a big boy with big boy energy.  He is a Black Mouth Curr mix boy born 11/1/2023.  He may be part kangaroo with all his hopping and he’s got a cool party trick where his belly goes from flat to round in 5 seconds if you give him a big bowl of water. He’s quieter than his brother, but is an expert rock climber and the world is his rock wall. He’s not the best at puzzles but he’s more of a turtle than the hare and will get every last bit of kibble. If you want a playmate for life, Chaos is your dude.

Chaos is eligible for the Foster to Adopt Program through the rescue.  To qualify for this you must live in Lubbock County.  If your application is approved, you pay a $100 non-refundable deposit to take him home.  He must be brought back to the rescue for all scheduled vaccinations (you will be given a schedule) and also taken to his neuter which will be scheduled by the rescue.  Once he is fully vetted we finalize the adoption and at that time you pay the remaining $100 of his adoption fee.  During the time before adoption please keep in mind he can not go outside so potty pads must be used to keep him safe from exposure to parvo.   He can not be taken to parks, on walks or even to Petsmart unless you carry him the entire time.  His foster family has worked hard to keep him safe and well and the rescue will trust his family to continue keeping him safe.  

Please email adoptions.spspca@gmail.com if you would like to meet Chaos or come see him at adoptions Saturday 11-2 at 8901 highway 87 building 119.

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Black Mouth Cur Mix
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Very High
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