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Meet Quinnie Shade, the last of the Res-Q's litter looking for her furr-ever home. She was born outside of an apartment complex in March and has been enjoying indoor life since July, where she is developing into a nice young lady.

Quinnie is not as timid as she once was. She has been expressing herself a bit onward, and confidence has bloomed beautifully. She will approach and hang out with you on her terms. She has been blossoming into her friendliest self more and more over time, and she likes to be seen so that she's acknowledged. Her cute little eyes express this. She’s a very calm cat, and enjoys spending much of her time just lounging with friends.

Quinnie is smart, caring, and loving to other cats. She loves all cats. Including the ones that do not like other cats. She will shine best with another cat that she can snuggle up to and nap with. She does not mind sharing food and treats with others.

She may take a few days to warm up to a new person, but after you connect with her, she will become your best couch companion. Just give her patience and reassurance to allow her to warm up. Playtime is important to Quinnie and a great way to bond with her. The turbo chase scratch cat toy is her absolute favorite. When you give her all the love she needs, she will certainly return it with the big heart she carries to make your house a home forever.

Quinnie enjoys getting treats and sneaking the occasional piece of ham. She especially likes to play with other cats. She does not have any experience with dogs or kids. She doesn’t mind being gently picked up, but she gets nervous when grabbed at, so youngsters not experienced with cats may not be a good fit.

Quinnie is a sweet, calm girl who will make such a wonderful addition to the right family. She is spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped. Her adoption fee is $150. Please email adoptions.spspca@gmail.com to make Quinnie your furr-ever pal today.

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