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Hey ladies! My name is Indigo, and I’m a handsome 1 year old boy. I’m currently on the hunt for a special gal to spend the rest of my life with.

To summarize the last year, I was born outside, but my sister convinced our foster to bring us in when we were 2-3 months old, and I’m so thankful! My sister was really outgoing and got adopted pretty fast. I’m a lot more anxious, so it’s taking me longer. But I know my home is out there!

Change makes me nervous, so I’m shy I’m new situations. Give me some time to decompress, and you’ll learn that I love snuggles! I expect at least 1 hour of pets per day, and I love to cuddle next to you on the couch or in bed. If I choose you as my person, I’m by your side all the time. I love toys too. You’ll often see me carrying mice and other stuffed toys all over the place.

I love to eat! I know I’m a little guy, but I can put away the treats. I like crunchy treats, squeezy treats, all the treats! I’m the first cat in the kitchen for wet food every night too.

I should also mention, I’m very very afraid of men. For this reason, I’m looking for a home with just women. I get scared of all the men at adoption events, so I’m usually only available for private meetings. Im really scared of dogs too. I love other cats though (even the boys)!

Email adoptions.spspca@gmail.com to meet me or if you have any questions for me.

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